Once Callisto was useless, Zeus made her into a constellation, took the child, named him Arcas, and gave him to Maia, who raised him. These names are usually greek girls much less regularly used than Andrea.

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As a girls’ name (also used much less widely as boys’ name Andrea) is pronounced AHN-free-ah, AN-dree-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the that means of Andrea is “manly, virile”. From the word “andreia” or feminine type of Andrew or Andreas, a lot favored for blended variants. The name was not used during the Middle Ages, however has existed since the 17th century. Looking for a singular baby name with a deeper meaning? Check out our complete list of one hundred and one Greek Mythology names for girls.

According to one of the Homeric Hymns to Artemis, she had a golden bow and arrows, as her epithet was Khryselakatos (“she of the golden shaft”) and Iokheira (“showered by arrows”). The arrows of Artemis may also bring sudden death and disease to women and girls. Artemis got her bow and arrow for the primary time from the Cyclopes, as the one she requested from her father.

When speaking about Greek baby names, Apollo, Alexander, Aphrodite, and Trojan are those that strike first to the mind. But there’s a lot to Greek child names beyond these.


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However, by way of parentage, all accounts agree that she was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and that she was the dual sister of Apollo. In some sources, she is born concurrently Apollo, in others, earlier or later.

In one other story, Alphaeus tries to rape Artemis’ attendant Arethusa. Artemis pities the girl and saves her, remodeling her into a spring within the temple Artemis Alphaea in Letrini, where the goddess and her attendant drink. According to the Homeric Hymn to Artemis, nevertheless, the island the place she and her twin were born was Ortygia. In ancient Cretan historical past Leto was worshipped at Phaistos and, in Cretan mythology, Leto gave delivery to Apollo and Artemis on the islands identified today as Paximadia.

She was generally identified by the name Phoebe, the feminine type of her brother Apollo’s solar epithet Phoebus. There was a women’s cult at Cyzicus worshiping Artemis, which was referred to as Dolon (Δόλων). In Nonnus Dionysiaca, Aura was the daughter of Lelantos and Periboia. She was a virgin huntress, similar to Artemis, and happy with her maidenhood. However, she asserts that Artemis’ physique is simply too womanly and doubts the goddess’ virginity. Artemis asks Nemesis for assist to avenge her dignity; she then causes the rape of Aura by Dionysus, after which Aura becomes a deranged killer. When she bore twin sons, she ate one, whereas the opposite, Iacchus, was saved by Artemis.

In Homer’s Iliad, Eos seduces Orion, angering the gods, inflicting Artemis to kill him. In yet another version, Adonis was not killed by Artemis, however by Ares as punishment for being with Aphrodite.