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We looked at pictures and listened to music about hookup culture in the past, and compared how it was viewed back then to now. I would say one big difference that stood out to me was the change in how we view LGBTQ people hooking up back then to today. Even not too long ago, society was not as open or accepting of the emergence of LGBTQ people in society, let alone these people hooking up. These people were on the margins, and looked down upon for who they were and their decisions were not a positive part of society in many people’s eyes. Today, this group of people is generally more accepted in our society today than history , and I think that is a huge difference in this group. This resonated with me because it shows me how fast society’s ideals and opinions can change if people are all fighting for a common good.

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While working on our annotated bibliography, my team researched all of the categories we have created to make up our definition. An article we looked at, relating to groups under the religious element. Burdette, acknowledged that hookup culture can depend on one’s commitment to their religious traditions. Like I said earlier, I personally am not very religious but my parents are. A lot of things I choose not to do reflect my morals that come from the ways my parents raised me.

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I mean, it’s just, I, I keep coming back to the internet and the impact of the internet and these online platforms for students too. But if some of them do in fact say, you know, we’re, we’re not there to educate everybody regardless of viewpoint. Promo promulgate our understanding of the gospel. Well then it’s something more plausible for them to say, we’re trying to build a community of people who think like us and not people who think differently from us. Or maybe even, it doesn’t look like it’s illegal itself, but it’s useful information for us to know because maybe we wanna have more police presence at someplace or something like that.

Also, I think that I have some advice to people who like to judge others for their participation in hookup culture. While it’s normal to feel some sort of way about the actions of others , I think it’s important to understand that maybe what they do is a part of their culture or upbringing. Over the past two weeks, we have been looking at the groups that experience “hookup” culture.

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First of all, there’s some other simple things like exclusionary housing policies that we’re gonna see more pregnant college students. Just a simple one, but I think we are in kind of a crazy time in terms of what is legal and what is not mm-hmm as you just articulated. And without getting too into legalese and boring stuff, the people who aren’t lawyers probably wouldn’t care about the it’s a super complicated issue. So obviously just to state the obvious students often don’t have access to cars. Their health insurance status is often dependent on parents.

And they all looked at my son and they said, Is this, the same kind of question? And my son said, Yeah, this is, my mom’s been doing this forever. This is what boys, you know, always say to her and her team.

I wanna step out that I think what Christina and I do is so much more than just being lawyers. We counsel both students and parents. I have to say, Randy, a couple weeks ago, a new case came in and it’s already concluded. We’re waiting to hear the outcome of some college kids who got drunk and allegedly beat on a mascot at a professional game. I mean, who beats the mascot at, drunk kids?

Help open up Purdue University’s first high school called Purdue Polytechnic High School for underserved and underprivileged youth. At that time I was really able to see how these practices can work in sort of a new setting, new building with this population of students that really need us the most. So, I got started in restorative practices back in 2007.

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And in fact, there are a lot of people that will avoid. Penile vaginal penetration specifically because they are worried about pregnancy or they are worried about an STI. So they’ll do other things. And a lot of times what other things might involve is oral sex.

That I think that could be one of the big red flags for the very intelligent, very verbal kid who turns out to be on the spectrum. I, I, a hundred percent agree with that. My best teacher in residency told me that, you can do all the blood tests and MRIs and everything, but basically listen to the parent. Because if the parent has a concern for the most part, your job is to really dig into that concern and figure out what’s going on. Because no parent really wants there to be a problem with their kid. It seems so often it’s really important for parents to listen to their gut instincts.