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Their cults attracted priests and priestesses from high ranking Carthaginian families, and the Carthaginians placed enough importance on their veneration to enlist Greek residents to ensure their rituals were conducted properly. Melqart was increasingly identified with his Greek counterpart Heracles, and from at least the sixth century BC he was revered by both Greeks and Carthaginians; an inscription in Malta honors him in both Greek and Punic. Melqart became popular enough to serve as a unifying figure among Carthage’s disparate allies in the wars against Rome. His awakening rite may have persisted in Numidia as late as the second century AD. In their treaty with Macedon in 215 BC, Carthaginian officials and generals swore an oath to both the Greek and Carthaginian gods. During the sixth century BC, Carthaginian generals became a distinct political office known in Punic as rb mhnt, or rab mahanet.

Carthage was also the Mediterranean’s largest producer of silver, mined in Iberia and on the Northwest African coast; after the tin monopoly, this was one of its most profitable trades. One mine in Iberia provided Hannibal with 300 Roman pounds (3.75 talents) of silver a day. Although oligarchs exercised firm control over Carthage, the government included some democratic elements, including trade unions, town meetings, and a popular assembly. Unlike in the Greek states of Sparta and Crete, if the suffetes and the supreme council could not come to an agreement, an assembly of the people had the deciding vote. It is unclear whether this assembly was an ad hoc or formal institution, but Aristotle claims that “the voice of the people was predominant in the deliberations” and that “the people themselves solved problems”.

A few still-serviceable Independence Class Littoral Combat Ships could also be transferred into the Coast Guard and transformed into surveillance frigates, boosting the Coast Guard’s aviation and mission support capabilities in the deep Pacific. The Coast Guard isn’t done — the 48th Sentinel Class patrol boat was only delivered in March and these low-cost ships are already doing exactly what the Navy’s pricey and controversial Littoral Combat Ships were originally meant to do. When the Sentinel Class production lines stop, these handy little vessels will be operating all over the globe, venturing forth in small task groups, extending the operational reach of the Coast Guard’s too-small fleet of National Security Cutters and other large vessels. When compared to the Navy’s troubled Littoral Combat Ships, the Coast Guard’s procurement record is solid. The Navy spent $20 billion developing and building the Littoral Combat Ship, while the Coast Guard is spending less than $4.5 billion to field 66 of their tiny Sentinel Class cutters.

Through this policy, all the JCG staff will carry out operations to realize safe and peaceful seas where order is maintained based on the rule of law, while cooperating with foreign coast guard agencies. The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy currently partner to execute the Oceania Maritime Security Initiative , a DoD program focused on combating transnational crimes, enforcing fisheries laws, and enhancing security throughout the Indo-Pacific. OMSI promotes regional economic and environmental stability and enables Indo-Pacific nations to defend their sovereignty.

Settlement as Tyrian colony (c. 814 BC)

Their merchant ships, which surpassed in number even those of the original Phoenician city-states, visited every major port of the Mediterranean, as well as Britain and the Atlantic coast of Africa. Archaeological discoveries show evidence of all kinds of exchanges, from the vast quantities of tin needed for bronze-based civilizations, to all manner of textiles, ceramics, and fine metalwork. Even between the punishing Punic wars, Carthaginian merchants remained at every port in the Mediterranean, trading in harbours with warehouses or from ships beached on the coast. Although Carthage’s navy was always its main military force, the army acquired a key role in extending Carthaginian power over the native peoples of northern Africa and the southern Iberian Peninsula from the sixth to third centuries BC. Carthage’s military provides a glimpse into the criteria of citizenship.

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They can also fly directly to Guam without refueling, in contrast to the HC-130H. Forward deployments to Guam would be in relation to specific tasking and missions rather than a regular, rotational, presence, as has already been the case in the past. ACSA (Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement) has been applied to the U.S. Coast Guard, so I believe that we have further improved interoperability between JMSDF and USCG,” Capt. Yoshifuku Toshihiko, the commanding officer of Oumi, said in a JMSDF news release.

Their speed and agility proved pivotal to several Carthaginian victories, most notably the Battle of Trebia, the first major action in the Second Punic War. The reputation and effectiveness of Numidian cavalry was such that the Romans utilized a contingent of their own in the decisive Battle of Zama, where they reportedly “turned the scales” in Rome’s favor. Polybius suggests that cavalry remained the force in which Carthaginian citizens were most represented following the shift to mostly foreign troops after the third century BC. Carthage used the diversity of its forces to its own advantage, capitalizing on the particular strengths or capabilities of each nationality. Celts and Iberians were often utilized as shock troops, North Africans as cavalry, and Campanians from southern Italy as heavy infantry. Moreover, these units would typically be deployed to nonnative lands, which ensured they had no affinity for their opponents and could surprise them with unfamiliar tactics.

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When a soldier, private or general, is at a military base in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country outside the United States, he may have sexual intercourse with native women. Many men end up using apps like to find hookups while away. We have all heard about the myriad problems you face when you meet someone in the military, but often we face a different problem. As civilian or married military personnel, we often feel we don’t really belong anywhere, which is a harsh reality for many others. Besides potentially dangerous missions, the hardest part of a military relationship may be the lack of access to family, friends, and even family members. In addition to caring for her family, Rachel devotes her time to serving and supporting Coast Guard Members and their loved ones.

Specific Punic groups are often referred to with hyphenated terms, like “Siculo-Punic” for Phoenicians in Sicily or “Sardo-Punic” for those in Sardinia. Ancient Greek authors sometimes referred to the mixed Punic inhabitants of North Africa (‘Libya’) as ‘Liby-Phoenicians’. Anyone is welcomed at Coast Guard Institute, its courses, training sessions and programs. While on this program, the students can forget about paying for tuition. All in all, Coast Guard Institute has grown to become one of the most effective institutions in the United States of America and that is obvious if you take a look at its results and reputation.

These conversions will create two separate berthing spaces for enlisted members as well as separate heads. “This new policy allows women to move through spaces that were previously restricted in order to use a common space or the head,” Mason said. We employ a wide variety of writers who have actually served in every branch of the military, giving you a unique perspective on what you can expect when joining. While he never actually served in the US Military, he has a passion for writing about military related topics.

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At the head of the Carthaginian state were two sufetes, or “judges”, who held judicial and executive power. While sometimes referred to as “kings”, by at least the late fifth century BC, the sufetes were non-hereditary officials elected annually from among the wealthiest and most influential families; it is unknown how elections took place or who was eligible to serve. Livy likens the sufetes to Roman consuls, in that they ruled through collegiality and handled various routine matters of state, such as convening and presiding over the Adirim , submitting business to the popular assembly, and adjudicating trials. Modern scholarly consensus agrees with Livy’s description of sufetes, though some have argued the sufetes held an executive office closer to that of modern presidents in parliamentary republics, in that they did not hold absolute power and exercised largely ceremonial functions. The Third Punic War was a much smaller and shorter engagement than its predecessors, primarily consisting of a single main action, the Battle of Carthage. However, despite their significantly reduced size, military, and wealth, the Carthaginians managed to mount a surprisingly strong initial defense.

He added that while Munro is deployed, it conducts operations as directed by 7th Fleet and is part of the integrated naval force, as articulated in the U.S. tri-service maritime strategy. As a military service of the United States, the Coast Guard can integrate seamlessly into defense operations alongside the U.S. Navy and other U.S. military services, and is fully interoperable with U.S. allies, Vice Admiral Michael McAllister, Commander Pacific Area and Commander, Coast Guard Defense Force West, said in a Sept. 3 media call.