Marriage, Not Dating 2014 At Dramanice

Every conversation was in depth and seemed so fitting for the characters. It felt like not one word was wasted or used to just fill in the seconds. I feel like it’s a testament to the writers really knowing their characters. I will explain this reaction below.

Don’t You Think Girls Who Talk in Hakata Dialect Are Cute?

It’s nice to know that even in a story about the cool contemporary dating rules of the young and unattached, there’s enough genuine affection and love that creeps up on them despite it all. Fishing is all fun and games until you’re hooked, good ‘n’ proper. Sometime later, Ki-tae relaxes with a bath and thinks back to Jang-mi’s moments of heartbreak, calling her dumb for going there and having to hear it for herself.

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Joon Gi’s visuals grew on me throughout the entire drama. I didn’t think he was particularly attractive in the beginning, but his charisma and allure packed a punch for me. Moon Chae Won portrayed her role perfectly. Her acting is so raw, and her voice is so calming. The leads were a match made in heaven, they deserve so many awards for this drama.

This sequence was used in Temptation of Wife where the FL, who was severely abused by her husband, comes back to exact revenge on her husband. When she returns for revenge, her character gains a mole on their cheek and all of a sudden no one could recognize her for her old self and believes her to be a new person. Essentially, I would suggest not taking things seriously (at all) while watching makjang dramas. Watch them with mindset of “how crazy can things get?” instead of “how can a person be like that?” — If you watch from the first perspective, makjangs are great shows of insanity.

Ki-tae surprises her by sincerely apologizing—he says he assumed some things about her and was wrong, though he points out that she messed things up for him too. Hyun-hee tries to get Jang-mi to forget that jerk Hoon-dong and have some fun, so Jang-mi takes to the dance floor. She goes along with Hyun-hee and even dances with a guy (with their backs turned), before turning around and coming face to face with Hoon-dong. With Date #1 down, he heads up to Hoon-dong’s room to crash Date #2, playing the part of the clueless best friend who doesn’t know that he’s ruining a romantic evening.

The doctor was like- yeah, no problem, it’s a minor thing, slight brush of the bullet- yeah he just CRACKED HIS SKULL. LIKE WTF DUDE. That’s not minor. And finding out what he wrote in his notebooks – just showed how consumed he was by jiwon, constantly just thinking abt her. The bit about why the workshop was named ‘Where Morning Stars Rests’ had me bawling. Hyun Su deserves a chance at redemption simply by being who he is, and not achieving it through a foundation based off of lies. I love it, and would never have seen it, had you not called our attention to it and enclosed the link. Not quite sure what u mean as we still cant watch it subbed in this side of the world , but it’s probably my favorite reddit comment, ever.

She had already told him years ago she’d use his secrets against him. I also I agree with you 100% that all the characters actually have back stories that drive them. I hate how dramas just try to pass the she’s selfish so she does selfish things motivation to the side characters and leave them so flat. Definitely not okay with HyunHee getting HoonDong wasted so that she could sleep with him. And I still can’t tell if she’s genuinely interested in him or not.

And I was hoping it’d break it even more. They should’ve just let Hyun Su recover from his injuries & carry on with the trial & their happy ending. He studied and adored everything about her no matter how small. Despite some of these things I consider to be the shows flaws, it was a pleasure to witness it. My Wednesdays and Thursdays now have a gaping hole with nothing to look forward to on these days.

They’re really so convincing as a family. I know this is their second drama together but I want to see LJG and MCW again in the future. I adore the characters and the way that love and relationships were portrayed in different ways.

And all these did not need to be bumped into the last two episodes, a few nip and tucks along the way and this would have ended really well within 12 eps. This was the most enjoyable rom-com for me so far and really one of my favourite dramas ever. The story is captivating, the characters are all nuanced and well-presented, the casting was great and the comedy was top-notch. But the best thing was the creativity of it all – the concept, the dialogue, the foreshadowing, the Geumhi-drama within the drama. Including many dreaded kdrama tropes, while at the same time parodying them or purposely poking fun at how ridiculous/unrealistic/cringy they are was a genius concept, and executed very well.

Personally, it’s my favorite kinda cliche and they’re not even trying to make it sound unique and special which makes it even more exciting. I’m really going it lives up to its promos because the last 3 dramas in this time slot had me super excited then super deflated by the end of it’s run. The first trailer is worth put on repeat. I hope the actual drama is just as much fun to watch. You know you love a show when you write so much about it without even mentioning one of the best scenes. He’s such a smooth guy all the time so whenever he gets uncomfortable or flustered it’s even more endearing.

That she got pregnant after she got him rip-roaring drunk, then named her unborn baby “Luxury” sheds some light on what she meant by that. At the shop ordinary was talking about not ‘promoted quickly’ before she’s out-of-season and is sent to the discount outlet. I couldn’t tell from the subs whether sentence was talking about literal ordinary promotion, or about quickly marrying-up while she’s young. Very happy to see Yoon SoHee again and in a role that sounds like it will be the opposite of her character in Let’s Eat. The last two episodes will air this weekend.