‘DEN 7ENDE SANS’ (the seventh sense)

A food performance investigating the connection between common synaesthesia and the multisensory experience of a meal. Based on the seven most important mouth feel’s; bitter, sweet, salty, sour, strong, creamy and crisp this seven cause meal was translated into a series of cross modal tableaus using our collective memory when explaining the connection between sound, colour, texture, shape, taste and smell and without having to use a single word.

5 basic flavours and 2 textures are the main characters in a surreal drama, where sound and light forms the setting for a modern dance on the tongue.

  • Creator:Nikolaj Danielsen
  • Together with:Mette Martinussen and Bo Lindegaard
  • Produced by:Madeleines Food Theatre, Copenhagen
  • Production Year:2007
  • Duration:3 hours