Eat with us by eating with somebody you don’t know

The idea “Eat with me” is a field-study in community-design targeting scary figures like; 40% of us live alone, we’re getting more isolated and becoming strangers to each other. The idea is to break down the fourth wall that we have boxed ourselves into, and start new conversations by inviting somebody we don’t know to eat with us. The meal is a strong mechanism when interacting and food has a very powerful democratic source. This artistic staging refers to the vision of New Nordic Food being the people’s movement and illustrates an art of generosity.

  • Concept and Direction:Nikolaj Danielsen
  • Together with:Brynhildur Pálsdóttir and Hiroko Tsuchimoto
  • Produced by:New Nordic Food - Staging Nordic Table 2024, Stockholm
  • Production Year:2014
  • YouTube