‘MORMOR’ (granny) – I wish you were here…

A food performance investigating how we navigate through the architecture of a traditional meal. By demolishing the each cause and turning them into a series of multisensory landscape paintings guided by the cause of day and the changing weather report.

A handwritten text on the front page of an old postcard.

A hole in the dark.
An old memory with a homemade scent.
A meeting, just before the mist dissolves above a deep plate of silence.

We are two people eating lunch in the field.
Searching for the taste of raw nature in the heat,
and filling up our glass with bursting green beneath the vibrant blur of warmth.

Before the sky opens up and spits us in the face with a feeling of a strong, salty wind, we slide down beneath the surface and disappear in a lake the colour of a night sky.

‘Mormor’ is a food performance in five moods, told as a life story of 10 favourite dishes, 4 images and 1 weather forecast. It is a story about finding comfort in the mouth, about travelling through a landscape of tastes and about living a la minute.

  • Creator:Nikolaj Danielsen
  • Together with:Mette Martinussen and Bo Lindegaard
  • Produced by:Madeleines Food Theatre, Copenhagen

  • Production Year:2006
  • Duration:3 hours