På BarnsBen – or to jump without reason

A food performance portraying the wonders of childhood – and how easily we, growing up, forget our own imagination, ability to do wondrous things and ambition to reach beyond the sky.

Do you recognize the taste of cloud?

Do you remember the smell of a busted soap bubble?
Do you feel the ground beneath your feet just seconds before you let go?

Have you looked into the sun or can you imitate the sound of silence?

How long ago is it since you jumped up and down for no reason?

We long to soar upwards – up and out, to a place where we all become lighter, higher on life, much better at jumping.

It is not easy to get there, but we have all been.

Madeleines Food Theatre welcomes you into its weightless world, where thought is set free, in order to loose a little ground.

Told in 3 scenes and 10 servings, the food performance “På BarnsBen” invites the audience to join in a meal of heavenly film, milk moustaches, the taste of liquorice and sauce and potatoes, surrounded by the blinding sound of your own laughter.

Come, join the flight, if only for a brief moment – and then leave us again a little lighter.

  • Creator:Nikolaj Danielsen
  • Together with:Mette Martinussen and Bo Lindegaard
  • Produced by:Madeleines Food Theatre, Copenhagen
  • Production Year:2006
  • Duration:3 hours