2009 var KUNSTEN.NU på besøg på Madeleines kontor mellem duftende krydderier og skitser til måltidets møde. – “Bag måltidets scene” by Anna Aslaug Lund


New York Times

I love food, but I never actually wept over a meal until dessert at a former beer warehouse in Copenhagen last summer. I was at Madeleines Madteater — a kind of interactive dinner performance staged every few months in the neighborhood of Islands Brygge — eating nougat semifreddo while tightly wrapped together with a group of Danes in a stretchy white shroud, behind which waitstaff crept, caressing my back and pressing ghostlike faces through the fabric. There were lyrical strings and a dramatic chiaroscuro and a dancer undulating on the serving dais, and it was all gemütlichkeit, and ritual, and the sadness of endings, and — yes, I know this makes no sense. You had to be there. That is the point. It’s art you experience with all five senses, the most satisfying performance in town. Madteater is precisely as its name translates: food theater.

The New York Times Style Magazine – “Food for Thought | Copenhagen’s Coolest Dinner Theater” by Kate Sekules


Nordic Sound Bite Paper

In this paper we describe the process and method for developing the concept Nordic Sound Bite. Based on the idea of a playful cross-sensorial collaboration between music and food, bands are partnering up with food designers creating a culinary experience corresponding to the identity of the band. When food and music is co-designed to strengthen the concert experience, food plays a more artistic role than it usually takes. Food design in this context can strengthen the existential experience of being and being together. The findings are based on the initial Nordic Sound Bite presented at the JaJaJa Festival in London, November 2013. The musical DNA of the five bands; Mew, Sin Fang, NoNoNo, Sakaris and Kid Astray was translated into sound bites, and “served” to 5,000 festival guests. This is a pilot project that aims to create a position where food design can play a more strategic and powerful role than just being an add on to a meal.

Nordic Sound Bite Paper – “Redefining food design as pop-culture” by Nikolaj Danielsen and Elisabet Skylare


Performance Design

Article about Madeleines Foodtheatre in this anthology.

In Performance Design, a group of international artists, architects, scenographers, performers, and theorists explore the speculative and dynamic acts of designing performance and performing design. The theoretical essays and realized projects offer a lively and stimulating range of performative expressions across disciplines and show how design artifacts (whether objects, materials, images, occasions, or environments) are inextricably bound to performance through notions of embodiment, action, and event in which stories are told, forces are harnessed, and roles are played out. The fluid and emerging field called performance design is presented as an aesthetic practice that, through the participatory role of a co-creative audiences, provides a critical tool for reflecting and challenging worldviews.

“Performance Design” by Dorita Hannah (Editor) and Olav Harsløf (Editor)



Trend article about Madeleines Foodtheatre in the anual Ridderheimsrapport. The report deals with the theme Global Future Premium Food , tomorrows delicacies and eating habbits.

Ridderheimsrapport by Ridderheims A/S


The Art of Generosity

I want to see the end of the gastronomic cultural revolution fought exclusively from the kitchens and with the dinner-plate as its battleground. Instead I want to see the beginning of the people’s culinary revolution fought solely with the art of generosity, tearing down any division that keeps us from each other and prevents us from eating together.

“The Art of Generosity” by Nikolaj Danielsen for Food For Thoughts #NORDICFOOD2024