Riverdale Season 7 Spoilers, Preview: Archie Betty Cheryl Toni

Alice Cooper might be all over the place when it comes to her love life, but actress Madchen Amick has been a one-man woman since 1992, when she married musician David Alexis. “I just found an unbelievable man who is so not Hollywood,” Madchen told CBS in 2017. The OG on-set lovebirds, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse confirmed long-running rumours they were more than friends by stepping out together at the 2018 Met Gala. After numerous years of an on-off relationship, the pair have now separated for good. The 23-year-old KJ Apa has been dating 27-year-old French influencer and model Clara Berry, with each sharing snippets of their relationship online from mid-2020. As of May 2020, the couple is now expecting their first child together, meaning yes, KJ Apa is becoming KJ Papa.

What to Watch

“It’s a reset, which our show needed, and it’s brought a really nice coming home feeling for the last season,” she says. The very first episode of Riverdale shows just how important Betty and Archie’s relationship is. Not only have they been best friends since childhood, but in “The River’s Edge” you see that Betty’s always been in love with Archie. It might not have worked out the way she hoped, but it’s a good reminder of Barchie’s real connection. There’s no denying that Archie and Veronica, and Betty and Jughead are two beloved couples on Riverdale.

With student elections heating up, Betty and Jughead appear in a school hall (it’s like a town hall but at school, get it?) and address concerns that things will be one-sided if they’re elected. “Jughead and I will be representing all students, North and South Side alike,” Betty says. Between attending Veronica’s confirmation and solving the case of the decapitated love.ru General Pickens statue, Betty and Jughead hang out in his trailer and talk for what feels like too damn long. When Jughead says, “We got rid of Tall Boy” , Betty remarks how nice it is to hear “we” again. Jughead apologizes for casting Betty out and asks her to stay. The two have sex for what appears to be the first official time and get back together.

The Black Hood Wasn’t In The Comics

He said “usually time jumps happen in between seasons” with a “tease at the very end” but COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. This time jump was originally planned at the end of season four, but this has now had to be moved into the fifth cycle. Also, season four was truncated due to global lockdown with the last couple of episodes unable to be completed as the set was shut down.

The constant sidekick has been involved in some of the show’s weirdest side-stories, but none can beat his Season 4 arc when he started making money by getting tickled on camera. He even convinced Toni, Fangs, and Reggie to get into the tickle biz, until his former tickle-boss threatened to chop off his fingers if he didn’t share the profits of his tickling website. Yeah, the tickling plot stopped being so funny after that.

After a back-and-forth, will-they-won’t-they relationship, Betty and Jughead finally hooked up again. Jughead and Betty visit Pop’s Diner to look for Fred Andrews’ wallet after he was shot. When Pop asks if they want to eat, Jughead says yes right away and starts to chow down on his meal. A stressed-out Betty uses the meal as a chance to confront Jughead about the Serpents. When Jughead tells her she doesn’t have to be concerned because he was just acting, she tells him that it didn’t look like it.

The kiss between Archie and Betty would also drive a wedge in their romance as well when it all came out. Archie wanted to pursue things further, but Betty decided her love for Jughead was much stronger and she nipped their romance in the bud. Also, the show is going to be addressing the stolen kiss between Betty and Archie when they were both in a moment of crisis with their respective partners. While details remain sketchy about what this time-jump will entail, there’s a good chance it will see the two central couples of Jughead and Betty and Archie and Veronica in crisis. TV Line confirmed back in May how season five would see the passage of time get a drastic fast-forward.

She likes to help the homeless, read to the senior citizens, and rescue wounded animals and birds. She is portrayed by Lili Reinhart on Riverdale and Khushi Kapoor on The Archies. But it’s OK, because episode 1 already has Betty and Archie slowly finding one another again. Both Betty and Archie eventually got over any romantic feelings they may have had for each other and moved on to other relationships with Jughead and Veronica — creating the #Bughead and #Varchie ships.

Veronica finds evidence to clear Archie’s name and decides to throw him a welcome home party. But despite his proven innocence, Archie calls Veronica and tells her he can’t come up. He breaks up with her over the phone and tells her he can’t return until Hiram is no longer a threat because everyone is in danger. Veronica sobs into the phone as he and Jughead leave Riverdale. With the help of Betty, Kevin, Reggie, and Josie, the group of friends manage to get Archie out of juvie and hide him in Dilton’s underground bunker.

She was famous for her hot dogs, Diet Coke, and vodka, and I used to joke the vodka was probably preserving her! A lot of people, as they age, get so wrapped up in looking back, but she was not one to look back. The man she was dating was also recently out of a relationship and not particularly keen to settle down.

Archie Andrews’ return to town saw him faced with the dilemma of restoring Riverdale to its former glory and he called upon three people he knew could help him do that. But the problem in bringing Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge back to Riverdale is that it brings all of the heartache and old wounds back with them. And that’s something the adult versions of these characters are going to have to deal with.